You can use this question if you and your friends find interesting topics to reveal their secrets. If we are translated into Indonesian means “we must find,” “should we investigate?” You can use this sentence to respond to someone who apologizes to you. In addition, you can also use it to cater to grateful people. In Indonesian, “simple” is a bit like “Don`t worry!” or “It`s nothing, really!” Do you want to know what everyday expression is in English and what it means? You`re on the right side! These are the types of everyday expressions in English and their meanings that you can use in everyday conversations. If you want to know more daily expressions, click here yes: Daily Expression in English (part 1). BBIAB – Back in bit BBL – back later BBS – Soon to come back BFN – Bye For Now BIF – Base In Fact BION – Believe It or Not BL – Belly Laughing BRB – Be Right Back BTA – But Then Again BTT – Back To Top BTW – By The Way MEGO – My Eyesed Over MHOTY – My Hat`s Off To You MINK – Multiple Income No Kids MMHA2U – My Most Humble Apologies to you MOOS or MOTOS – Member of The Opposite Sex MOSS or MOTSS – Same-member MOTD sex – MOTO message of the day – member of the opponent MUD – Multi-User Dungeon (or Dimension) NBIF – No Basis In fact NBIR – No basic in reality NW – No Way NP – No Way NRN – No response needed RL – Real Life ROAR Laughing as hard as a LION ROFL – Rolling On Floor Laughing RP – Romantic Partner RPG – Role Playing Games RSN – Real Soon Now RTM – Read The Manual or Message RW – Real World RYO – Roll Your Own In addition to the phrase ” I`m agree with you “, there are several other phrases that may be an alternative, here is an example. ”┬áIt`s not a big deal,” if you interpret it in Indonesian, it means “It`s not much!” You can use this word in many situations, z.B. if you want to soothe friends` worries, apologize, etc. CMIIW – Correct Me If I`m Wrong CU – see CUA – Common User Access CUL – see later CWYL – Chat with Ya Later CYO – See online above, we discussed daily expression to respond to other people`s excuses. This time, we will learn more about the expression to express regret.

Especially if, for example, we are already close to a local. It`s a good thing if you can share your goals, goals and dreams. Who knows, your mother friend could be a partner in making your dreams come true! The question “Where do you live” is a typical question that needs to be asked when you are new. Below are some variations of the “Where to Live” question that you can use if you are new to foreign friends. If your friend is in trouble or distress, you should offer your condolences. The most common condolences in English are “I`m sorry to hear it.” These words you can use to show your happiness, see your happy friends. Make close friends, these words are obligatory! In addition to “I`m glad to help you”, there are other phrases, that could be replaced, such as: L8R – Later LBAY – Laughing Back At You LD – Later Dude LDR – Long-Distance Relationship LLTA – Lots and Lot of Thunderous Applause LMAO – Lauging My Ass Off LOL Laughing – Out Loud or Lot Of Luck LOLBAY – Laughing Out Loud At You LTM – Laughen Myself To LTN? SINK – Single Income No Kids SITD – Still In The Dark SO – Significant Other SOL – Smiling Out Loud SOMY? Sick Of Me Yet? SOS – Someone On Shoulder STD – Sick To Death STS – Sorry To Say FTF – Face to Face FAQ – Frequently Asked Question (n) FISH – First In, Still Here FOMCL – Falling Off My Chair Laughing FUD – Fear, Uncertainty – Doubt FWIW – For What It`s Worth FYA – For Your Amusement FYEO – For Your Eyes Only FYI – For Your Information When new friends, social media accounts become one of the good media accounts become one of the good.