If you live outside the U.S., check your coverage to make sure that AppleCare or AppleCare ownership can be transferred with AppleCare or AppleCare in your area. AppleCare protects the item and is fully transferable to any new owner of this existing phone. In addition, the terms and conditions are apple.com/legal if your country data differs from that of the United States. An AppleCare plan is technically transferable, but the whole process is a little more difficult than that. Keep in mind that all of this doesn`t apply to AppleCare plans that are paid for month by month. These plans are linked to a user`s Apple ID billing information and are not transferable. If you make monthly payments for your AppleCare plan, the plan is linked to your Apple ID and cannot be transferred to a new owner. Before you can initiate a transfer of an AppleCare plan, you need to compile the following: Did you know that you can transfer ownership of your AppleCare, AppleCare or AppleCare with theft and loss plan or be reimbursed? Find out here how to do both so you don`t have to pay for a warranty you no longer need. Contact Apple with the information below. Apple officially says you can transfer it (to another person with the phone or to another device within 30 days for the same owner).

Apple notes that users can “transfer products between their own devices, which are the same type of product, and within 30 days of purchasing an original device.” When it comes to transmitting AppleCare from one device to another, the process is essentially the same as transmitting AppleCare to a new owner. Gather your device and contract numbers and contact Apple – but remember that you need receipts and serial numbers for your old and new device. Once you have all the important details put together, you need to check Apple to request a transfer of the AppleCare property. You have questions. We have answers. Here`s what you need to know about appleCare transmission. Does the warranty follow the device or user? Better yet, as a new owner, can I benefit from the warranty or need a type of transfer? As we have already reported, an AppleCare is linked to the device with which it was purchased. But there`s actually a way to transfer this coverage to a new Apple device of the same type. Yes, yes. If you sell or offer your Apple product, you can also transfer ownership of the AppleCare Protection Plan or AppleCare.

Detailed information can be found in the terms and conditions of the sale.