Contracting parties can adapt this change to their individual needs, for example with transaction confirmations, the IEE agreement, the WSPP agreement (in accordance with its 32.10. For example, the WSPP agreement is subject to Utah law (although California municipalities and authorities sometimes enter into master`s confirmation agreements that amend California legislation) and the IEE agreement is governed by New York law. If this change amounts to a WSPP transaction or an eEI agreement, this definition is correct and can be completely omitted. In short: understanding, using and negotiating the IEE Master Power Purchase – Sale and the IED Collateral Appendix. The IEE documents are compared to the isda master and PJM documentation. Also contains comprehensive coverage of the impact of the Dodd-Frank reforms on Deneer and commercial energy contracts! More – comprehensive coverage of the impact of the Energy Policy Act 2005 on energy trade. Keep your career up to date – Natural Gas 202: Drafting – Negotiations puts the program to the next level. Sign up today for the next seminar in this series! This is provided by both the IEE agreement (10.6) and the WSPP agreement (24), so that without this section, the contract would require the strange result of the application of New York or Utah law to the performance issues of companies operating in California on a California computer system. Such as Article 4 of the EEA Agreement and Section 21.3 of the WSPP agreement.