It`s so surprising, but good to know! I`ve always used Verizon, thinking that t mobile had crappy reception. Thanks for the tip. However, if you use people on the ground in which country you are in, do you still use a local phone or your t phone? On December 16, 2014, T-Mobile announced during CEO John Legere`s one-Carrier 8.0 interview that its 4G-LTE network covered 260 million people and that its 700 MHz 12 LTE band had been deployed to Cleveland, Colorado Springs, Minneapolis and Washington, D.C. They are expected to cover 280 million per LTE by mid-2015 and 300 million by the end of 2015. They also reported covering 121 metro areas with their broadband LTE. [61] T-Mobile cooperates with other mobile operators in areas where T-Mobile does not offer a service. If you use your phone in one of these areas, you are roaming. In these areas, there are no roaming charges for calls or data usage, but the plan has a roaming limit. In late 2009, Cat Stevens` song “If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out” and celebrities such as Chevy Chase, Molly Shannon, Dana Carvey and Darrell Hammond were featured in commercials for T-Mobile MyTouch 3G. [173] Wyclef Jean, Avril Lavigne and Brad Paisley showed another commercial with the same song, performed by another artist. [174] In August 2016, T-Mobile introduced T-Mobile ONE. This will be the only tariff plan that will be proposed in the future, with plans to phase out Simple Choice.

[130] [132] The plan has been criticized by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and others for possibly violating net neutrality rules and paying extras for previously included functions. [133] [134] [135] On October 3, 2012, MetroPCS Communications entered into a merger with T-Mobile USA. MetroPCS shareholders would own 26% of the entity created after the merger, which owned the T-Mobile brand. While the new company was still the fourth largest airline in the United States (at the time), the acquisition gave T-Mobile increased access to frequencies and financial resources to maintain its competitiveness and expand its LTE network. [34] The merger between T-Mobile USA Inc. and MetroPCS was formally approved by MetroPCS shareholders on April 24, 2013. The deal was structured as a reverse acquisition; The merger agreement gave Deutsche Telekom the opportunity to sell its 72% stake in the entity created by the merger, which sold a value of approximately USD 14.2 billion to a third party before the expiry of the 18-month freeze period. [36] Yes, I agree. They don`t always have the best service on the national territory, but you can`t beat them in terms of overseas pricing, anymore, T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray presented during T-Mobile`s first quarter profit call on Tuesday clear that the roaming deal is really about data.