“The trial is ongoing. We hope to reach an agreement acceptable to both sides,” he said. Ideally, both parties want the other party to act and argue that theirs are legitimate. Otherwise, the Chinese would like the Indians to withdraw, while the Indians want the Chinese to do it first because they are the ones who changed the status quo. Second, the Chinese want to limit the problem of the Pangong region, while India also wants an agreement on the Depsang blockade, which prevents Indian forces from patrolling a significant part of the area they claimed and where they previously patrolled. Quoting Qian Feng, who works at the National Strategy Institute at the prestigious Tsinghua University, the newspaper acknowledged, however, that the two sides were working in the same direction, “and have reached some consensus,” but not the large-scale agreement described by the Indian media. Two former commanders of the Northern Army, Lt Gens HS Panag and DS Hooda, said that the evacuation of chushul Heights, without a complete restoration of the status quo ante, will lose a strategic asset. Any agreement with China on a parcel withdrawal must be unacceptable. Nothing should be left later or at a separate phase of withdrawal. Giving your own asset from initio is a monumental folly. Chinese media poured cold water on reports in Indian media this week, claiming that India and China were close to a withdrawal agreement in the Pangong-Chushul region. As on this promising day, the 3rd of Assuj, samvat 1899 (16 and 17 September 1842) the officers of the Lhasa (Governrnent), Kalon von Sokan and Bakshi Shajpuh, Commander of the armed forces, and two officers on behalf of the most glorious Sri Khalsa ji Sahib, the world`s asylum, King Sher Singh ji, and Sri Maharaja Sahib Raja-i-Rajagan Raja Sahad Bahadr Raja Gulab Singh , i.e.

The Muktar-ud-Daula Diwan Hari Chand and the Vizir Asylum, Vizir Ratnun. At a meeting convened to promote peace and unity, and by confessions and vows of friendship, unity and sincerity of the heart, and by oaths such as those of Kunjak Sahib, arranged and agreed that the relations of peace, friendship and unity between Sri Khalsaji and Sri Maharaja Sahib Bahadur Bahadur Raja Gulab Singh ji, and the Emperor of China and the guru of Lhasa , will therefore always be anchored; and we declare in the presence of the Kunjak Sahib that there will be no deviation (of this contract).