The votes in favour of ratifying the agreement were 65%, a difference from their main colleagues who, earlier this week, had voted “by an overwhelming majority” in favour of the agreement. Your collective agreement guarantees you your salary and conditions. If you have difficulty accessing the collective agreement you need, send an email: the terms of employment contracts must be respected if they are active. The agreements on this page have expired and are no longer active. The terms of employment for which THE PPTA members fought are defined in our collective agreements. As a support organization for secondary principals, SPANZ has continually responded to legislative and systemic changes to deliver the best to its members. The creation of the SPANZ union in 2008 is just one example and was a direct response to the Labour Relations Act, which restricts collective bargaining to registered unions. Below is a list of collective agreements that have expired for headteachers, teachers and non-educational staff. Designate the legal representative of SPANZ, at least two members of the SPANZ Union and any other person they deem appropriate with the necessary industrial and negotiation skills. . It follows the field and primary school teachers also agree to accept the salary offer, but the headteachers have decided to reject it.

Engage in dialogue with the New Zealand School Trustees Association (NZSTA) on issues related to the working relationship between high school principals and the Board of Trustees, written for spanZ 2017 by Peter Gall (Principal, Papatoe High School1996-2006) and member of spanZ Executive 2005-2012 . Negotiations with the Ministry of Education on the High School Rectors` Collective Agreement This was an important undertaking for all parties, and I would like to commend the hard work that the department`s advisors have done alongside the PPTA and SPANZ negotiating teams. Schulmeister, Cleaning and Canteen Staff Collective Agreement 2017-2019 [PDF, 622 KB] [PDF, 181 KB]Collective Agreement of High School and Surface School Staff 2017-2019 [PDF, 182 KB] While there was a strong vote to accept the agreement, votes in favour of the contract were weak. Kindergarten teacher, principal and teachers` collective agreement 2017-2019 [PDF, 421 KB] “I`ve also heard stories of hope … The agreement offers the opportunity to make major changes that will attract the big people into teaching and that will keep teachers who are currently facing an excessive workload.¬†Collective Agreement of Surface School Rectors 2016-2019 [PDF, 346 KB] .