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Dec 312011 Wrap-Up
Dec 29Trying Too Hard
Dec 23My Top 10 Best Christmas Songs
Dec 23The “Oh Goodie!” Fuzz
Dec 23Politics & Ponies (Stop Internet Censorship!)
Dec 22My Top 10 Worst Christmas Songs
Dec 19Christmas Present from Devi Ever
Dec 17The Grinch
Dec 9Frankenstein
Dec 3“Oh Goodie!” on Kickstarter
Nov 27Doctor Who BITCHES
Nov 11My Night at Schuba’s w/Joe Lally
Oct 30Medusa
Oct 29“Koriko Permanent Waves” For Sale at Etsy!
Oct 15The Humbling
Oct 10Doctor Who – The God Complex
Oct 5RIP Charles Napier
Oct 3APE Wrap-up
Sep 27APE & EVH this weekend!
Sep 9Draw My Graphic Novel! Storyboard My Movie!
Sep 9The Doctor on “Torchwood: Miracle Day”
Sep 8Pay The Artist (Exposure My Ass)
Sep 7Elgin Surgeons
Sep 6Eddie Van Helsing returns Oct 1st
Sep 5The Rules of Acquisition
Sep 3Doctor Who Meets Portal #2
Aug 28Doctor Who meets Portal
Aug 27Hipster Girl #3
Aug 21Harry Potter meets The Happening
Aug 20Doctor Who Meets MST3K
Aug 18FFVI – Esper Terra
Aug 16Pawlenty of Pity
Aug 15Competition
Aug 112011 Inking Portfolio #4
Aug 112011 Inking Portfolio #3
Aug 8Patton Oswalt & Edgar Allan Poe
Aug 82011 Inking Portfolio #2
Aug 72011 Inking Portfolio #1
Jul 18Sketches & Updates (AKA Computers Driving Me To Murder)
Jul 14Reef Blastbody
Jul 14Cynicism is for suckers
Jun 27Oh Goodie! Vol. 1 “Introduce Yourself” AVAILABLE NOW!
Jun 18Smauglock
Jun 3“The Count” & Artistic Stimulation
Jun 1See me at Lethal Poetry’s “Return of the Geek”
May 31New Etsy page!
May 31“Portrait of an Ood”
May 27“11th Doctor” Sketch Card
May 27“Kryten” Sketch Card
May 27“Garbage Pail Kids” Sketch Card
May 20No more Examiner articles
May 16“Doctor Who” Villain Watercolor Tiles for Sale
May 16Spring Con this weekend!
May 16Interview with Decapitated Dan
May 3Appearing at Evil Squirrel Comics this Saturday!
Apr 284th Doctor Sketch Card
Apr 22My First Ink
Apr 11Thank you New York!
Apr 8Tenth Doctor Sketch Card for Erin Jameson!
Apr 4Come See Me at the MoCCA Festival, April 9th & 10th!
Mar 31Audio Interview with “Comic Related”
Mar 22Anxiety Series #3 – “Protection”
Mar 22“Doctor Who” Sketch Cards No. 1, 2, and 3
Mar 22Cool Pictures from C2E2 2011
Mar 22Caricature for Kristen & Katey
Mar 22“Doctor Who (No. 10)” Sketch Card for Natalie
Mar 20“Omaha the Cat Dancer” just paid for my lunch.
Mar 13Anxiety Series #2 – “Emotion”
Mar 13Anxiety Series #1 – “Addiction”
Mar 11Hipster Girl #2
Mar 11Hipster Girl #1
Mar 11Appearing at C2E2! March 18, 19 and 20th! Table E-10!