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Dec 312012 Wrap-Up
Dec 27Rush – “Time Machine Tour 2011”
Dec 26Rush – “Snakes & Arrows Live”
Nov 29“The Muses” at POAP’s 300
Nov 9Rush – “Snakes & Arrows”
Nov 8Rush – “R30: 30th Anniversary World Tour” (Live)
Nov 7GOP Election Damage Report
Nov 7Rush – “Feedback”
Nov 6Rush – “Rush In Rio” (Live)
Nov 5Rush – “Vapor Trails”
Oct 26Neil Peart – “Ghost Rider: Travels On The Healing Road”
Oct 25Fly By Night…Literally! (Rush in Boston 2012)
Oct 18Geddy Lee – “My Favourite Headache”
Oct 1Alex Lifeson – “Victor”
Sep 21Rush – “Different Stages” (Live)
Sep 20Rush – “Test For Echo”
Sep 19Rush – “Counterparts”
Sep 18Rush – “Roll The Bones”
Sep 17Rush – “Presto”
Sep 14Rush – “A Show of Hands” (Live)
Sep 13Rush – “Hold Your Fire”
Sep 12Rush – “Power Windows”
Sep 11Rush – “Grace Under Pressure”
Sep 10Rush – “Signals”
Sep 7Rush – “Exit…Stage Left” (Live)
Sep 6Rush – “Moving Pictures”
Sep 5Rush – “Permanent Waves”
Sep 4Rush – “Hemispheres”
Sep 3Rush – “A Farewell To Kings”
Aug 31Rush – “All The World’s A Stage” (Live)
Aug 30Rush – “2112”
Aug 29Rush – “Caress of Steel”
Aug 28Rush – “Fly By Night”
Aug 27Download “Funrama!”
Aug 27Rush – “Rush”
Aug 26Rush – Every Album, Every Song
Aug 16Gout
Aug 16Dueling Caricatures
Aug 3Wine & Feathers at New City
Jul 23“Raven” Print now available!
Jul 18Sign up for my Self-Publishing Workshop!
Jul 13Caricatures at Oaks Park!
Jul 7Killer Burger
Jul 4Bikes + Fireworks
Jun 22New Ink Sample!
Jun 20Comic Book Bike Ride
Jun 16Captain Picard Day
Jun 10The Many Faces of Ed (with a Walrus)
Jun 9Tracheotomy Walrus
Jun 1Devi Ever Kickstarter (Console II)
May 31Last Thursday – May 2012
May 29Release The Kraken!
May 26Congratulations Brian & Anna!
May 25Portland Art Museum
May 20Adventures With Plymptoons!
May 13Mother’s Day 2012
May 10Raven
May 8Kickstarter Books Shipped!
May 1Summer in Portland (Ides of May!)
Apr 30ACEN 2012 – $1 Sketches
Apr 29ACEN 2012 – Sunday
Apr 28ACEN 2012 – Saturday
Apr 27ACEN 2012 – Friday
Apr 26ACEN 2012 – Thursday (Set-Up)
Apr 20Watching “Breaking Dawn”
Apr 17“Oh Goodie!” meets “Questionable Content”
Apr 16C2E2 2012 – $1 Sketches
Apr 15C2E2 2012 – Sunday (It Never Rains But It Pours)
Apr 15C2E2 2012 – Saturday (Here Comes Everyone)
Apr 13C2E2 2012 – Friday (Not So Calm Before The Storm)
Apr 12C2E2 2012 – Thursday (Set Up)
Apr 12Ultros
Apr 11Devi Ever “Oh Goodie!” Punch Love
Apr 9Site Punch-Ups
Apr 8Mr. Saturn
Apr 8Pinkie Pie + Fluttershy Watercolor Tile
Apr 7Convention Prep (C2E2)
Apr 6RIP Jim Marshall
Apr 5Uranus + Neptune
Apr 5Rush – Lerxst, Dirk, and The Professor
Apr 5Doctor Who – The Three Doctors
Apr 5My Little Pony meets Azumanga Daioh
Apr 2The Worst Night Of My Life
Mar 31“Oh Goodie! Vol. 2” has arrived!
Mar 29Something Special!
Mar 20Success!
Mar 9The Battle Plan (for now)
Mar 5Doctor Who Meets DS9
Mar 3Devi Ever Needs More Moxxi In Her Life!
Mar 1RIP Davy Jones
Feb 26My Second Ink
Feb 24Rush Is A Band
Feb 22Hyperlexia
Feb 20Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
Feb 17Pre-Order “Oh Goodie! Vol. 2: Working Man”
Feb 16Elephant
Feb 10Twenty-Seven
Feb 7Final Number
Feb 4Carmilla
Feb 4Prequels
Jan 2211th Doctor – Screen Toned
Jan 18SOPA & PIPA Strike
Jan 10Devi Ever “Oh Goodie!” Fuzz Demo
Jan 6Molly
Jan 32012 Touch-Ups