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Dec 312014 Wrap-Up
Dec 10“Happy Puppy Park” Portraits
Dec 1“Oh Goodie!” Christmas Clearance
Nov 30“Koriko Sunday #10 (Big 500)”
Nov 28“Koriko Not-Sunday #9 (Big 500)”
Nov 26“Koriko Not-Sunday #8 (Big 500)”
Nov 25“Koriko Not-Sunday #7 (Big 500)”
Nov 23“Koriko Sunday #5 (Big 500)”
Nov 5“Cassiopeia Quinn” Fan-Art!
Oct 18“Everything Will Be Alright In The End”
Oct 5Koriko Sunday #4 (Big 500)
Sep 28Koriko Sunday #3
Sep 14“Mario Memories #3”
Sep 14“Mario Memories #2”
Sep 12“Ghostbusters – Janine & Slimer”
Sep 10“TMNT – You Have My Support”
Sep 7“Koriko Sunday #1”
Sep 3Store Re-booted & Rose City Comic Con
Aug 24Doctor Who – “Jackets”
Aug 20“Ten Thousand Lightyears” available at Rose City Comic Con!
Aug 9“Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan”
Aug 9“I Am Groot”
Aug 8“Rocket Raccoon”
Aug 1“Wonder Woman”
Jul 23“Happy 75th Birthday Batman!”
Jul 21“Shovel Knight & Shield Knight”
Jul 16“Lady Thor”
Jul 15“Batgirl”
May 28Help Jane!
May 24Gray Man Interview w/Jennie Breeden of “The Devil’s Panties”
May 23Rose City Comic Con confirmed!
May 18C2E2 2014 $1 Sketches
May 18C2E2 2014 Follow-up
Apr 22“C2E2 2014”
Apr 21“Love From Gallifrey”
Apr 17“Daphne & Velma”
Apr 17“Avenue Q: The Next Generation”
Apr 15“Elsa”
Apr 12“Mario Memories”
Apr 9“Riff Raff & Magenta”
Apr 9“Rocky, Frank, and Columbia”
Mar 25“Oh Goodie! Volume 3” premiering at C2E2! New editions & cons coming soon!
Mar 6“A Stranger In The Alps”
Feb 22“Pugsley & Wednesday”
Feb 22“Gomez & Morticia”
Feb 18“Cannon Beach”
Jan 25RIP Justin Carmical