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Dec 21Albatross Overhead
Dec 7Mettaton-EX
Nov 29The Six Doctors
Nov 23Undertale
Nov 16“Ladies of Marvel”
Nov 11New Job (Good Riddance)
Sep 24“Dunificent”
Sep 7“Inside Out”
Aug 31“I Dream Of You” (For Wes)
Jul 20“Sidekick” Cover
Jun 24Elvis Doof Warrior
Jun 22“Koriko Sunday #16”
May 18Furiosa
May 17But We’re The Misfits!
May 14The Bandit
May 13Ultron Has No Strings On Him
May 12Missy Pops Balloons
Apr 30Emperor Dalek
Apr 20Game Grumps – “Wall Street Kid”
Mar 30Emerald City Here We Come!
Mar 25Tina Belcher Likes Butts
Mar 10“Ladies of Star Trek”
Mar 4“New site theme!”
Mar 1“Live Long And Prosper” (Leonard Nimoy Tribute)
Feb 18Kramer
Feb 10“Happy 30th Birthday To Me”
Feb 3“Bionic Kraken”
Feb 2“The Fifth Estate” vs. “The Imitation Game”
Feb 1“Koriko Sunday #15”
Jan 28“Valley of the Recessed Gums”
Jan 14“St. Anger” by Grace The Skies & Adust