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Dec 312013 Wrap-Up
Dec 9“Gray Man Art” Interview! Steve Lieber talks about “Whiteout”
Dec 8“Like Like”
Dec 7“Lavos II”
Dec 6“The Piece II”
Dec 5“Judgment II”
Dec 4“Kholdstare”
Dec 3“Judgment”
Dec 2“Gohma”
Dec 1“The Piece”
Nov 16“Blood Swan Woman”
Nov 16“Phanto”
Nov 16“Possum Bridge”
Nov 16“Lavos I”
Nov 16“Lavos III”
Oct 5“Secretary”
Aug 26“Cute Girls On A Beach”
Aug 22“Silk Spectre” (Happy Birthday Katie Faris!)
Aug 16“Hide”
Jul 1“Black Blood of Creativity”
Jul 1“A Quick One While He’s Away” Launched!
Jun 30“Un-funded”
May 28“Edgar Allen Woe” Kickstarter!
May 15Interview w/Paul Taylor of “Wapsi Square”
May 12C2E2 Interview with Justin Carmical for “Con Men”
May 6C2E2 2013
Apr 15Doctor Who – “Fifth Doctor: Celery & Cricket”
Apr 14“Hellboy”
Apr 13“The Anarchist, The Pedlar, and The Watchmaker”
Apr 8“Amy & The Angels”
Apr 6“Hipstershy”
Apr 4“Will Invade 4 Food”
Mar 26“Medusa Head” at the Monster Mosh!
Mar 26Marathon
Mar 3“Unraveling”
Mar 1Anxiety
Feb 15Hey Ocean! at the Backspace Cafe
Feb 12“Muse Series” for Sale!
Feb 10Love of Portland – “All The Stereotypes”
Feb 3Interview w/Martha Hull, Author of “Untimely Death Alphabet”
Feb 3Self-Portrait 2013
Jan 25Interview w/Jessica Flores of Broke Drawers!
Jan 24“The Real Me In-Between” for Charlotte Pierce
Jan 23“Whiskey With Yorick”
Jan 21Follow “Gray Man Art” on Tumblr!
Jan 17Watching “Breaking Dawn” (Part 2)
Jan 3Rush – Every Album, Every Song (Epilogue)
Jan 2Rush – “Clockwork Angels”